Angel Dog Productions:

We work closely with new authors, speakers and entrepreneurs but are not limited to any one market!  Our services are more "friendly" to those just starting off in a new venture and trying to create a name for themselves.  Our pricing is very competitive to assist those on small budgets.  We are all about helping the "little guy" become self-sufficient and successful.  Angel Dog Productions is owned and operated by Nicole Gabriel of Maui, Hawaii and we pride ourselves on being a "conscious business" and take into account all the diverse backgrounds and stories our clients share as we hold your work in a sacred creative space.



Nicole Gabriel:

Nicole comes from a lengthy background in website design and development with clients such as General Motors (Buick, GMAC, GMC Truck, Pontiac, Chevy and Onstar), Delphi Automotive, Detroit Edison, Ford, Daimler Chrysler and several others. She has worked as a Program and Project Manager for more than a decade in the Detroit area and managed countless marketing and technical programs with budgets in the millions.


What makes Nicole more unique as a Graphic Designer is that she is also an author, speaker, and coach!  She understands what it takes to make your project successful.  She is an author of multiple books, so she understands your needs and knows what it take to make a book successful in a competitive market. She has owned many small businesses (chiropractic, design, and retail) so she really gets YOU! Find her personal page here: and learn more about her and her book projects.



Our Name:

Shiitake was my 6-year-old Chinese Shar Pei and just a few days before we made our dream move to Maui, Hawaii she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She was given a month to live.  Despite out Veterinarian's suggestion to put her down she got on a plane and spent the last months of her life in paradise and inspired me in more ways that I can count.  She was my "Angel Dog". She loved to run behind my car in Metamora, MI (inspiring the logo).  She will live forever in my heart and run through my work now too...