Who is Angel Dog Productions?


We work closely with new authors, speakers and entrepreneurs but are not limited to any one market!  Our services are more "friendly" to those just starting off in a new venture and trying to create a name for themselves. 

We also love working with established authors and business entrepreneurs looking to build out their back end platform for coaching, teaching, training, or other online community.

We got our start as a creative outfit, but as time has gone on we have also become authors, podcast hosts, and built a small publishing house capable of getting our authors a New York imprint.

Angel Dog Productions is owned and operated by Nicole Gabriel and we pride ourselves on being a "conscious business" and take into account all the diverse backgrounds and stories our clients share as we hold your work in a sacred creative space.

We are not just book designers, but we are also registered with the Library of Congress, Bowkers, Amazon, and members of a variety of author groups such as the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and the NAA (Nonfiction Authors Association).

Connect with us over on the Let's Get Your Book Published site. For a more immediate connection, please contact Nicole Gabriel directly at (808)280-5559.

Book Coaching - Book Design - Book Imprint - Book Layout - Book Marketing & Promotion


Angel Dog Productions | 244 Fifth Ave, Suite N204 | New York , NY 10001


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Hi! I’m Nicole


I have an MBA in Technology Management, a BA in Communications with a focus on both Journalism and Marketing. Later in life I would go on to pursue another Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology where I learned about human potential and studied the different states of consciousness. In Abraham Maslow’s words, the role of transpersonal psychology is to explore the “farther reaches of human nature.”

I'm genuinely interested in what drives a person to want more, become more, and be more. I'm an active yogi in the kundalini yoga tradition and by it's nature it inspires one to live in truth. I'm also a trained Shaman of many years. I traveled all over Central and South America for many years in an effort to further understand self and how I fit into the world.

Before all this, I began my career in the advertising business and worked for all the big houses (McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, and Young & Rublicam) working on million-dollar campaigns in brand management in the auto industry. Eventually I would take a client-sided executive position with all the "big 3" — General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. I worked on both print and web initiatives. I also worked on many call center back end technology platforms for many organizations, such as Onstar. My strengths are my detailed nature on both techie and creative projects. I love to be a part of the inner workings of the back end and finding unique ways to represent the brand or front end customer experience.

I am the author of multiple books, a copyright holder — Copyright ©2018 (TX 8-671-681), and the author of an online book publishing training program that uses the Let's Get Your Book Published book as a platform for the training. I've had a goal since I built out the back end of my online training program to help other authors bring their book to life using the same process. It took me many, many years to learn the best practices and I'd like to streamline that for my clients that are looking to get out from beyond the book and build an online community, an online training program, a marketing campaign, an email list, etc.